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Bug Facts

bug facts
spider legs how many

Do Only Spiders Have 8 Legs? 11 Types of 8-Legged Animals (Complete Guide)

Most people know that spiders have 8 legs. And if an animal has six legs, it's an insect, not an arachnid. But do other animals also have eight legs? Do all spiders have 8 legs? It is a myth that ...
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are bugs and insects the same

Are Bugs and Insects the Same? 3 Key Differences

If you thought bugs and insects were the same things, you’re not alone. A lot of people use the two words interchangeably, but they don’t have the same meaning. You may even hear a scientist using the word bug as ...
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are insects animals

Are Insects Animals? 5 Factors Classifying Bugs and Insects

Insects are amazing tiny creatures and are often overlooked. Are insects animals or something else entirely? Insects are animals because they meet the taxonomic classification for the animal kingdom. These characteristics include: respire with oxygen, feed on organic material, motility, ...
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Do Insects Have Blood

Do Insects Have Blood? Guide to Bug’s Hemolymph & Circulatory System

If you see a squished bud, its insides won't look red but green or yellowish. Do insects have blood? Instead of blood like humans, insects have a similar but distinctly different fluid. Learn about bug blood and about the insect ...
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how many heart chambers does a cockroach have

How Many Heart Chambers Does a Cockroach Have?

Known for their ability to survive, cockroaches are a group of insects that are part of the Blattodea order. While there are some variations within the 4,600 species of cockroaches, they have similar hearts. Their circulatory systems stand out in ...
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do insects have hearts

Do Insects Have Hearts? Guide to Insect Circulatory System 

Insect anatomy is wildly different than our own. They have exoskeletons around their organs, instead of an endoskeleton. You may wonder how different other aspects of their anatomy is. Do insects have hearts? Here's more about insect hearts and how ...
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My Monarch Guide is Now Part of The Buginator

Since 2008, My Monarch Guide has been a great resource for learning about monarch butterflies. And now My Monarch Guide website is part of The Buginator - a site dedicated to repelling biting bugs and attracting good bugs and insects ...
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animals that eat ants

28 Animals That Eat Ants: Natural Ant Predators (Mammals, Birds, Insects)

Ants are one of the most plentiful animals on the planet. There are more than 10 quintillion individual ants. What eats ants? If you're tired of being overrun by ants in your yard, this list of animals that eat ants ...
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biting midges gnats

Do Gnats Bite Humans? 3 Common Biting Gnats (8 Tips to Avoid Bites)

We've all seen gnats around the home. And probably while on vacation. Do gnats bite humans? Yes, some do. These bugs can bite humans and cause damage that requires medical help, especially while traveling abroad. Here are some of the ...
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monarch butterfly supplies

Monarch Butterfly Supplies: 14 Basic Tools for Raising Monarchs at Home

To raise monarch caterpillars at home, you'll need a few supplies. There are some great commercial options for rearing monarch larvae. In this guide, you'll learn the monarch butterfly supplies needed to raise from instar to adult butterfly. But you ...
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monarch parasite

OE Monarch Parasite Spore: Guide to Ophryocystis Elektroscirrha Bacteria

If you've been learning about raising monarchs, you've probably heard of the monarch parasite: OE spores. In this article, you'll learn what OE parasites are, how they affect monarchs, and how they are transmitted. What Are OE Parasites? Ophryocystis elektroscirrha (OE) ...
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raising monarch caterpillars

Raising Monarch Caterpillars to Butterflies: 17 Things to Know

If you discovered a tiny cream-white egg on a milkweed leaf, then you have probably found a monarch butterfly egg. In about 4 days (or less), a caterpillar is going to hatch and soon, you will be watching the life ...
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Why is My Caterpillar Rolling Around

Why is My Caterpillar Rolling Around? Or Not Moving? [Easy Answer]

My caterpillar hasn't been moving. What's wrong? Is it dead? Should I move it to another leaf? Put something else in there? HELP! I'm frantic! I'm in a panic! Okay, it is time to relax! That's right. Relax. Breathe. Chances ...
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what eats hornets

What Eats Hornets? 10 Predators (Animal and Insect)

Even hornets aren't immune to predation. Many animals and insects feed on hornets from all life stages (from larvae to adults). Here is what eats hornets. Hornets are popular food for many animals. Hornet predators include birds (scarlet tanagers, purple ...
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what eats wasps

What Eats Wasps? 37 Natural Predators (Animal & Insects)

Wasps are aggressive predators and scavengers. Curious what eats them? Here's our guide to what eats wasps. You'll learn about animals, including insects, birds, and mammals that are wasp predators. Animals from every class will eat a wasp. Insects and ...
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how fast is a cockroach

How Fast is a Cockroach? 2 Speeds, Compared to Other Insects

Just how fast is a cockroach? These little pests are just about everywhere and have existed for thousands of years. You may be surprised by this, but cockroaches are one of the world's fastest insects! The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) ...
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can cockroaches survive a nuke

Can Cockroaches Survive a Nuke? 5 Factors

Have you ever asked yourself can cockroaches survive a nuclear blast? Ultimately, the answer lies somewhere between "no" and "it’s complicated." The myth surrounding the ability of a cockroach to survive a nuclear blast is long-standing. This story has been ...
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how long can a cockroach live without its head

How Long Can a Cockroach Live Without Its Head? 5 Things to Know

Did you know that a cockroach can live without its head? Even their head can survive without its body. And how long can a cockroach live without its head? In this post, you'll learn how long and why this is ...
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where do roaches come from

Where Do Roaches Come From? 8 Ways They Enter Your House

Tired of chasing roaches around your house? Where do roaches come from? Here are 8 ways cockroaches access your home. Plus tips to avoiding infestation and answer some frequently asked questions. Roaches can enter your home from water drains, under ...
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why do cockroaches exist

Why Do Cockroaches Exist? 10 Purposes Roaches Serve Today

Cockroaches are ancient insects. The cockroach taxonomy started about 275 million years ago in the Paleozoic era. Although they are generalized as a well-known pest, most species of cockroaches do not have any interaction with humans. Why do roaches exist? ...
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6 legged insects

6 Legged Insects (ID Guide) 12 Examples, Photos

How many legs do insects have? Do all insects have 6 legs? Knowing how many legs is an important step to identifying the animal you've discovered. In this post, you'll learn about 6 legged insects, with examples and photos. Insects ...
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what eats cockroaches

What Eats Cockroaches? (18 Predators) Spiders, Birds, Mammals, Frogs 

Cockroaches are industrious bugs that live longer than most insects. But they still have to watch for predators. What eats cockroaches? In this article, you'll learn about some of the most voracious cockroach predators. Animals that eat roaches include other ...
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do people eat roaches

Do People Eat Roaches? Do You? 5 Methods of Preparation, Recipes

Eating insects is common in many places. They are typically high in protein and easy to find. While they might seem like a more taboo food choice, they are a more common cuisine than you think. In fact, many of ...
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how long do cockroaches live

How Long Do Cockroaches Live? 4 Types Lifespan, Life Cycle

Roaches have one of the longest life cycles of any household pest. And they lay hundreds of eggs. How long do cockroaches live? And what is their typical lifespan? Here's the breakdown of their lifespan and life cycle. Cockroaches live ...
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how long can a cockroach live without food

How Long Can a Cockroach Live Without Food & Water? 5 Factors

Roaches are nearly invincible. But, how long can a cockroach live without food or water? With so many myths, we compiled this set of studies and data. Understanding their limitations will help prevent roaches from taking up residence in your ...
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do fleas have wings

Do Fleas Have Wings? How Fleas Get Around (+7 Bugs That Look Like Fleas)

Fleas are one of the worst pests for pet owners. Do fleas have wings? Let's see how these tiny parasites get around. Plus some flying bugs that look like fleas. Let's start with: Do fleas fly? Fleas do not have ...
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are camel crickets dangerous

Are Camel Crickets Dangerous? Risks of Cave and Spider Crickets at Home

Camel crickets are small crickets found around the world. Their spider-like legs, humpback, and high jump can make them look quite imposing. Are camel crickets dangerous? Humans are safe but they can cause a lot of damage to your home ...
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animals that eat ticks

19 Animals that Eat Ticks: Natural Tick Predators

Getting rid of ticks is easier than you might think because there are many animals that eat ticks. Some of these animals are natural predators who rely on ticks for their survival, but there are also some that eat ticks ...
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can mosquitoes bite through clothes

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothes? 6 Best / 6 Worst Fabrics

Mosquitoes are one of the dreaded parts of summer, and even when you take precautions with bug spray and long, loose-fitting outfits, it seems like they still find a way to bite you. Can mosquitoes bite through clothes? Mosquitoes can ...
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do bats eat bees

Do Bats Eat Bees? According to Beekeepers

Building a bat house is a fun way to create a safe habitat for the bats in your area. Do bats eat bees? According to beekeepers, bats usually do not eat bees because they are nocturnal while bees are diurnal ...
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what eats mosquitoes

What Eats Mosquitoes? 15 Predators (Insects, Plants, Birds)

Mosquitoes are plentiful and annoying. Curious what eats mosquitoes? In this post, you'll learn about the animals, insects, and plants that commonly eat mosquitoes. Insects that eat mosquitoes include dragonflies (and their larvae), spiders, and ants. Other animals that feed ...
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do flying ants bite

Do Flying Ants Bite? 6 Things to Know

Whether you love camping and hiking or prefer spending time relaxing in your yard, you need to keep your eyes peeled for flying ants that bite. Flying ants usually only fly for a short time and only during mating season ...
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do hornets make honey

Do Hornets Make Honey? Honey & Bees on the Menu (5 Facts)

Hornets are one of many flying insects that you might see outside. Though they are similar to bees, there are many differences. Hornets love to eat honey. Do hornets make honey? Hornets, like most wasps, don't make honey. Hornets do ...
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do wasps make honey

Do Wasps Make Honey? Guide to Honey & Honey Wasps

For most people, the difference between bees and wasps is that bees make honey. What about wasps? Do wasps make honey? Generally, that distinction is true. But as with much in the animal kingdom, there are exceptions. Generally, wasps don't ...
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do bumblebees make honey

Do Bumble Bees Make Honey? Differences with Honey Bee Honey

Bumble bees are often confused for honey bees. Do bumble bees make honey? Learn about the type of honey that bumble bees make. And how it differs from the traditional honey bee honey. Like honey bees, bumble bees make a ...
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do slugs feel pain

Do Slugs Feel Pain? Guide to Slug Brains and Salt

An army of slugs can devour a newly sprouted vegetable garden. And can make a barefoot walk in the morning dew quite unpleasant. After fighting an excessive amount of slugs this past summer, I got to wondering: do slugs feel ...
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