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Welcome to The Buginator!

Bugs don’t have to take the fun out of being outdoors. We are dedicated to avoiding, repelling, and killing all biting and irritating bugs.

Our hit list includes ticks, mosquitos, black flies, ants, spiders, and more.

bryan and dena haines

About Bryan & Dena

Bryan and Dena are co-founders here at The Buginator, part of Storyteller Group. Storyteller Group is the publishing and product division of Storyteller Media.

Together, they run Storyteller Media, a Canadian-based digital marketing and publishing company. Their brand portfolio reaches an annual audience of more than 4 million readers.

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They also write over at Storyteller Travel and Storyteller Tech.

Have a question about a specific bug?

Ask it in the comment section below, and we’ll try to cover it in a future post.

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