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Bite and Sting Treatment

bite treatment
can mosquitoes bite through clothes

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothes? 6 Best / 6 Worst Fabrics

Mosquitoes are one of the dreaded parts of summer, and even when you take precautions with bug spray and long, loose-fitting outfits, it seems like they still find a way to bite you. Can mosquitoes bite through clothes? Mosquitoes can ...
carpenter ant bites

Do Carpenter Ants Bite? Allergic Reaction, Prevent, Treat

Carpenter ants live in forested areas around the world. They can be aggressive when defending their nest. Do carpenter ants bite? And how serious is the bite of a carpenter ant? Here are the signs of a carpenter ant bite ...
biting midges gnats

Do Gnats Bite Humans? 3 Common Biting Gnats (8 Tips to Avoid Bites)

We've all seen gnats around the home. And probably while on vacation. Do gnats bite humans? Yes, some do. These bugs can bite humans and cause damage that requires medical help, especially while traveling abroad. Here are some of the ...
sand flea bites

Sand Flea Bites: 11 Ways to Treat & Prevent

Sand flea bites can be a real bummer on the beach. The good news is that you don't have to let them ruin your vacation! There are numerous ways to both prevent and treat sand flea bites while you're soaking ...
do flying ants bite

Do Flying Ants Bite? 6 Things to Know

Whether you love camping and hiking or prefer spending time relaxing in your yard, you need to keep your eyes peeled for flying ants that bite. Flying ants usually only fly for a short time and only during mating season ...