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do fleas have wings

Do Fleas Have Wings? How Fleas Get Around (+7 Bugs That Look Like Fleas)

Fleas are one of the worst pests for pet owners. Do fleas have wings? Let's see how these tiny parasites get around. Plus some flying bugs that look like fleas. Let's start with: Do fleas fly? Fleas do not have ...
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insect predators

12 Insect Predators: Beneficial Insects, Spiders, Other Arthropods

You may be surprised to learn that most bugs and other arthropods living in your yard do not feed on nor harm plants. Most insects pass by on a pilgrimage or simply have innocuous behaviors. Other insects will even eat ...
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brown recluse spider

Brown Recluse Spider: 27 Things to Know (Size, Locations, Venom)

The brown recluse spider is commonly found in the southern United States. It goes by a few nicknames and has a bite that is potentially fatal to humans. Learn more about these spiders and their venom along with what happens ...
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camel cricket

Camel Cricket Guide (23 Things to Know) Cave & Spider Crickets

Curious about camel crickets? These silent, harmless crickets are found around the world and in most moist habitats. They get their names from their appearance and traits: They have a camel-like hump (camel crickets) and spider-like legs (spider cricket) and ...
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common house spiders

9 Common House Spiders in the United States (Photos, Differences)

When you see a spider nest around your home, you might freak out and start looking for exterminators. Most of these spiders are not dangerous and have some benefits. When you know what type of spiders you have on your ...
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are bugs and insects the same

Are Bugs and Insects the Same? 3 Key Differences

If you thought bugs and insects were the same things, you’re not alone. A lot of people use the two words interchangeably, but they don’t have the same meaning. You may even hear a scientist using the word bug as ...
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6 legged insects

6 Legged Insects (ID Guide) 12 Examples, Photos

How many legs do insects have? Do all insects have 6 legs? Knowing how many legs is an important step to identifying the animal you've discovered. In this post, you'll learn about 6 legged insects, with examples and photos. Insects ...
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spider beetle

17 Spider Beetle Facts (Is This a 6-Legged Spider?)

Is it a spider? Is it a beetle? This is the question posed by people who see the spider beetle creeping around their kitchen, and to be sure, it's a funny little critter. Let's talk about spider beetles and how ...
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sugar ants

Sugar Ants Guide (4 Types) How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Ants can be a real headache for homeowners, especially when they're sugar ants. To get rid of sugar ants, you'll need to know what they are, how they scavenge, and which extermination methods are most effective against their species. Here's ...
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brown recluse vs wolf spider

Brown Recluse vs Wolf Spider: 12 Key Differences Compared

Did you find a brown recluse or a wolf spider? While similar, they have key differences. This brown recluse vs wolf spider comparison is a good way to find out what you need to do next. We compare what you ...
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sand flea types

What are Sand Fleas? 3 Common Kinds (14 Things to Know)

You're on the beach. It's a beautiful day. Suddenly, you realize that you've been scratching your ankles a lot, and you look down to see some tiny black dots on your skin. Are they sand fleas? What are sand fleas? ...
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chiggers vs jiggers difference

Chiggers vs Jiggers: 9 Key Differences (Biting Fleas & Mites)

Despite the similarities of their names, chiggers and jiggers are very different. They don't even belong to the same class of animals in the animal kingdom! Before you get them confused, let's learn more about chiggers vs jiggers. One is ...
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spider legs how many

Do Only Spiders Have 8 Legs? 11 Types of 8-Legged Animals (Complete Guide)

Most people know that spiders have 8 legs. And if an animal has six legs, it's an insect, not an arachnid. But do other animals also have eight legs? Do all spiders have 8 legs? It is a myth that ...
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tiny black bugs

Tiny Black Bugs at Home? 9 Biting Types (How to Get Rid of Them)

No one likes tiny black bugs in their home, but before you grab a broom or a bottle of bug spray, it pays to know what you're fighting. Different species have different eradication methods. Let's talk about small, black pests ...
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bugs that look like silverfish

9 Bugs That Look Like Silverfish: Identify These Home Invaders

Silverfish are pesky home invaders that have hairy legs and long bodies in soft silver color. Though you might find them living in different parts of your home. Before you look at how to get rid of these bugs, make ...
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How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs

How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs (3 Types) 8 Ways to Kill Large Roaches

Your home is your castle, your domain--the place where you can keep everything just as you want it. That’s precisely why it’s so frustrating to get any pest--especially when they’re the little monsters known as palmetto bugs. All three types ...
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Bee vs Wasp vs Hornet

Bee vs Wasp vs Hornet: 15 Ways to Identify (Differences Compared)

When you see a bug flying around near you, you might worry about it stinging you. Wasps, bees, and hornets are similar, it's often hard to figure out which ones are around your home. An easy way to tell the ...
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banana spider

Banana Spider Guide: 5 Types, Bite, Size, Venomous

Banana Spider Guide Known for their striking yellow color, banana spiders are found throughout the jungles of Central and South America as well as some regions of Asia, Australia, and the US. While most of them are harmless, there are ...
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