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How to Get Rid of Bugs

get rid of bugs
gnat repellent essential oils

12 Gnat Repellent Essential Oils: Peppermint Oil, DIY Recipe

To get relief from gnats, you should consider essential oils. Essential oils are known to be a natural insect repellent. In this guide, you'll learn about the best gnat repellent essential oils. And how to use them, with a DIY ...
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tiny black bugs

Tiny Black Bugs at Home? 9 Biting Types (How to Get Rid of Them)

No one likes tiny black bugs in their home, but before you grab a broom or a bottle of bug spray, it pays to know what you're fighting. Different species have different eradication methods. Let's talk about small, black pests ...
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roach in car

Roaches in Your Car? 7 Ways to Get Rid of Them (Prevent, Identify)

Roaches are disgusting little insects that are a big problem when making your vehicle their home. These bugs are synonymous with dirty places, but your car doesn’t need to be a dumpster before the roaches move in. With roaches in ...
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borax for roaches

Borax for Roaches: 5 Easy Recipes to Kill Cockroaches (6 Things to Know)

Roach infestations can be stress-inducing, stomach-turning problems for homeowners. But not much is worse than getting a midnight glass of water, only to turn on the light and spot half a dozen cockroaches scattering in all directions. Borax is effective ...
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borax vs boric acid

Borax vs Boric Acid: (4 Differences) Insect Control Guide

Borax is often confused with boric acid. Until this morning, I was also confused. When I wrote this guide to use borax for roach control, I used borax and boric acid interchangeably. But borax isn't the same as boric acid ...
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animals that eat ants

28 Animals That Eat Ants: Natural Ant Predators (Mammals, Birds, Insects)

Ants are one of the most plentiful animals on the planet. There are more than 10 quintillion individual ants. What eats ants? If you're tired of being overrun by ants in your yard, this list of animals that eat ants ...
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sugar ants

Sugar Ants Guide (4 Types) How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Ants can be a real headache for homeowners, especially when they're sugar ants. To get rid of sugar ants, you'll need to know what they are, how they scavenge, and which extermination methods are most effective against their species. Here's ...
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what eats hornets

What Eats Hornets? 10 Predators (Animal and Insect)

Even hornets aren't immune to predation. Many animals and insects feed on hornets from all life stages (from larvae to adults). Here is what eats hornets. Hornets are popular food for many animals. Hornet predators include birds (scarlet tanagers, purple ...
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what eats wasps

What Eats Wasps? 37 Natural Predators (Animal & Insects)

Wasps are aggressive predators and scavengers. Curious what eats them? Here's our guide to what eats wasps. You'll learn about animals, including insects, birds, and mammals that are wasp predators. Animals from every class will eat a wasp. Insects and ...
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how to get rid of carpenter ants

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants (12 Ways) Kill & Prevent

While a vacuum might cure some ant problems, carpenter ants are different. They are like termites and can damage your home. If you find carpenter ants in your home, you'll need to learn how to get rid of carpenter ants ...
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essential oils for ants

7 Essential Oils For Ants: Naturally Repel & Kill (Mint, Clove, Lemongrass…)

So you have some ants in your kitchen? Most ants aren’t harmful, but they are annoying. Using essential oil to repel ants is a natural and expensive method. Here's what essential oils repel ants. The best essential oils for ants ...
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how to get rid of spiders

How to Get Rid of Spiders (15 Easy Methods) Home & Yard

Hate seeing spiders around your home and yard? While spiders are beneficial, some are venomous. Here's how to get rid of spiders in the house and yard. You'll learn how to repel, prevent, and kill these unwanted house guests. To ...
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essential oils for spiders

10 Essential Oils to Repel Spiders (+Peppermint Recipe)

If you're having trouble with too many spiders, you can use essential oils. Essential oils are well known as effective bug repellents. But they don't work the same on all spiders. And some essential oils don't work at all. Here ...
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essential oils to repel wasps

17 Essential Oils to Repel Wasps: Science-Based (Recipe)

If you are struggling to repel wasps from your home or garden, you know that this is no easy task. Driving wasps away is especially difficult if you want to do so in a natural manner. Fortunately, certain essential oils ...
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wasp repelling plants

13 Wasp Repellent Plants for a Peaceful Patio: Flowers, Herbs, Evergreens

Nothing ruins a beautiful day on the patio more than someone getting stung by a wasp. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to scare the wasps away from your patio. In this guide, you'll learn about the best plants to ...
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essential oil bug repellent

Essential Oil Bug Repellents: Repel Roaches, Ants, Gnats, Spiders, Etc.

Essential oils are effective for repelling, even killing, many bugs and flying pests. In this guide, you'll learn about the best essential oil bug repellents and how to use them. Guide to Essential Oil Bug Repellents Here are all the ...
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How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs

How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs (3 Types) 8 Ways to Kill Large Roaches

Your home is your castle, your domain--the place where you can keep everything just as you want it. That’s precisely why it’s so frustrating to get any pest--especially when they’re the little monsters known as palmetto bugs. All three types ...
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what smell do flies hate

17 Smells that Flies Hate: Scents to Get Rid of Flies

There are tons of flies that might invade your home and yard. These insects can fly around your head and make outdoor living impossible. You also risk them leaving behind maggots and feces. What smell do flies hate? Flies hate ...
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does peppermint oil repel roaches

Does Peppermint Oil Repel Roaches? How to Mix, Apply, Toxicity

When you spot a roach hanging around your house, you may want to turn and run for the hills. Though it can take some time to get rid of roaches, there are natural methods that are effective and easy to ...
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essential oils for cockroaches

11 Essential Oils for Cockroaches: Repelling Guide for Homeowners

Cockroaches are just one of the pests that you can bring home. They can hide inside dry goods you buy at the grocery store or furniture that you buy brand new or second-hand. Essential oils for cockroaches include oils that ...
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cockroach eggs

Cockroach Eggs: Homeowner Guide (16 Things: Size, Appearance, Hatch)

So you found what looks like cockroach eggs? In this post, you'll learn what roach eggs look like, including size, color, location, and volume. And how to get rid of them. Everything homeowners need to remain roach free. Cockroach eggs ...
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what temperature kills roaches

What Temperature Kills Roaches & Cockroach Eggs (Heat and Cold)

Cockroaches are hard to exterminate and will hide incredibly well when they infest your home. While roaches are the toughest bugs, they are vulnerable to extreme temperatures. What temperature kills roaches? What temperature kills cockroach eggs? Read on and find ...
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what eats cockroaches

What Eats Cockroaches? (18 Predators) Spiders, Birds, Mammals, Frogs 

Cockroaches are industrious bugs that live longer than most insects. But they still have to watch for predators. What eats cockroaches? In this article, you'll learn about some of the most voracious cockroach predators. Animals that eat roaches include other ...
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how long can a cockroach live without food

How Long Can a Cockroach Live Without Food & Water? 5 Factors

Roaches are nearly invincible. But, how long can a cockroach live without food or water? With so many myths, we compiled this set of studies and data. Understanding their limitations will help prevent roaches from taking up residence in your ...
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how to get rid of chiggers in your home

How to Get Rid of Chiggers in Your Home (7 Easy Ways)

Chiggers are small bugs that have red bodies and primarily live in forests. Whether you take a long hike through the woods or spend some time with your pet outside, you risk bringing home chiggers. You'll want to get rid ...
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cricket trap

Cricket Trap: How to Catch a Cricket (Live or Lethal) 7 Ways

Crickets are often the bane of your existence. While some find the noises they make soothing and even relaxing, many find that those noises drive them crazy and keep them from relaxing. If you have a cricket problem on your ...
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animals that eat ticks

19 Animals that Eat Ticks: Natural Tick Predators

Getting rid of ticks is easier than you might think because there are many animals that eat ticks. Some of these animals are natural predators who rely on ticks for their survival, but there are also some that eat ticks ...
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spider beetle

17 Spider Beetle Facts (Is This a 6-Legged Spider?)

Is it a spider? Is it a beetle? This is the question posed by people who see the spider beetle creeping around their kitchen, and to be sure, it's a funny little critter. Let's talk about spider beetles and how ...
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does lysol kill bed bugs

Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs? 6 Better Ways to Get Rid of Them

Bed bugs are a big problem. And infestations can quickly spread from second-hand stores to apartment complexes and neighborhoods. Does Lysol kill bed bugs? What about other disinfectant sprays? It’s essential to know how to kill bed bugs and manage ...
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what eats mosquitoes

What Eats Mosquitoes? 15 Predators (Insects, Plants, Birds)

Mosquitoes are plentiful and annoying. Curious what eats mosquitoes? In this post, you'll learn about the animals, insects, and plants that commonly eat mosquitoes. Insects that eat mosquitoes include dragonflies (and their larvae), spiders, and ants. Other animals that feed ...
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how to find bed bugs during the day

How to Find Bed Bugs During the Day (6 Tactics) Get Rid of Them

Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common issue and can be easily picked up from retail spots and spread through entire communities. Keep reading if you’re wondering how to spot and treat bed bug infestations. Here's how to find bed ...
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tick repellent for yard

13 Best Tick Repellent for Yard: Spray & Natural Prevention

If you hate ticks as much as I do, this post will help you banish them from your yard. Here are the best tick repellents for your yard. They include chemical spray, natural spray, and natural prevention methods to keep ...
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how to get roaches out of electronics

How to Get Roaches Out of Electronics: 7 Ways (Risks/Reasons)

It might be hard to believe that electronics like your television, gaming console, microwave, laptop, and more could be a nesting place for a roach infestation, but unfortunately, they are. Cockroaches love to nest in electronics. Here's how to get ...
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i saw one cockroach should i be worried

I Saw One Cockroach, Should I Be Worried? 8 Ways: Get Rid of Roaches

Roaches are pesky, unsanitary, and tricky insects that have a way of creeping into our homes without notice. But once they're there, it spells trouble, as they usually come in groups. So you may ask yourself, If I saw one ...
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how to kill maggots in trash can

7 Ways to Kill Maggots in Trash Can (Plus 4 Ways to Prevent Them)

If you've ever opened your trash can and let out an undignified shriek at the white, wriggly bugs inside, you aren't alone. Flies love to breed in disgusting places, and that often results in unsuspecting homeowners finding maggots in their ...
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how to kill a tick

How to Kill a Tick (14 Ways) Burn, Squish, Flush, Suffocate

You can pick up ticks when walking through tall grass. Your pets can also pick up ticks when they spend a lot of time outside. Looking at how to kill a tick is a good way to make sure you ...
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how to get rid of june bugs

How to Get Rid of June Bugs (8 Ways) Traps, Chemical, Natural

June bugs are small insects that belong to the scarab family. These bugs often come out in the summer and can wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. You may even see their larvae eating through your plants and hear ...
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how to get rid of sand fleas

How to Get Rid of Sand Fleas (6 Steps)

True sand fleas are true pests. And can cause painful lesions on the feet. Here's how to get rid of sand fleas. In this post, you'll learn how to identify actual sand fleas. And ways to repel and kill them ...
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