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Bugs don’t have to take the fun out of being outdoors. We are dedicated to avoiding, repelling, and killing all biting and irritating bugs.

Our hit list includes ticks, mosquitos, black flies, ants, spiders, and more.

Here’s how to kill a tick and how to remove a tick head, and repel them. These homemade insect repellents and electronic repellents should give you some relief from mosquitos.

This guide to essential oil bug repellent covers natural ways to repel mosquitos, flies, and fleas.

Bothered by bugs? Unleash the Buginator and enjoy life outdoors again!

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monarch eggs vs ladybug eggs

Monarch Eggs vs Ladybug Eggs: Photos (Larva, Risks, Milkweed)

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monarch butterfly supplies

Monarch Butterfly Supplies: 14 Basic Tools for Raising Monarchs at Home

To raise monarch caterpillars at home, you'll need a few supplies. There are some great commercial options for rearing monarch ...
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My Monarch Guide is Now Part of The Buginator

Since 2008, My Monarch Guide has been a great resource for learning about monarch butterflies. And now My Monarch Guide ...
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Asian Lady Beetle vs ladybug

Ladybug vs Asian Lady Beetle vs Japanese Beetle: 4 Differences

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what eats hornets

What Eats Hornets? 10 Predators (Animal and Insect)

Even hornets aren't immune to predation. Many animals and insects feed on hornets from all life stages (from larvae to ...
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types of wasp nests

6 Types of Wasp Nests: Identification, Photos, 6 Things to Know

Wasps are incredible architects that rid our yard of harmful pests and help pollinate our plants. But it is concerning ...
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essential oils for ants

7 Essential Oils For Ants: Naturally Repel & Kill (Mint, Clove, Lemongrass…)

So you have some ants in your kitchen? Most ants aren’t harmful, but they are annoying. Using essential oil to ...
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essential oils for spiders

10 Essential Oils to Repel Spiders (+Peppermint Recipe)

If you're having trouble with too many spiders, you can use essential oils. Essential oils are well known as effective ...
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wasp repelling plants

13 Wasp Repellent Plants for a Peaceful Patio: Flowers, Herbs, Evergreens

Nothing ruins a beautiful day on the patio more than someone getting stung by a wasp. Fortunately, there are some ...
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essential oils to repel wasps

17 Essential Oils to Repel Wasps: Science-Based (Recipe)

If you are struggling to repel wasps from your home or garden, you know that this is no easy task ...
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gnat repellent essential oils

12 Gnat Repellent Essential Oils: Peppermint Oil, DIY Recipe

To get relief from gnats, you should consider essential oils. Essential oils are known to be a natural insect repellent ...
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essential oil bug repellent

Essential Oil Bug Repellents: Repel Roaches, Ants, Gnats, Spiders, Etc.

Essential oils are effective for repelling, even killing, many bugs and flying pests. In this guide, you'll learn about the ...
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ground hornets

Ground Hornets (Cicada Killer Wasps): 15 Things to Know + Get Rid of Them

Cicada killers or ground hornets are wasps that make their homes in the ground. These wasps have the scientific name ...
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