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Cockroach Guide: Identify, Learn, Repel, Prevent

guide to cockroaches

If you’re tired of cockroaches, this guide will help. We cover how to get rid of roaches and how to identify them (adults, nymph, eggs, and poop). Plus how to distinguish between other bugs that look like roaches.

Plus, you’ll learn about using essential oils, how long roaches can survive in varying conditions, what eats roaches, and why cockroaches exist.

how many heart chambers does a cockroach have

How Many Heart Chambers Does a Cockroach Have?

Known for their ability to survive, cockroaches are a group of insects that are part of the Blattodea order. While ...
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roach in car

Roaches in Your Car? 7 Ways to Get Rid of Them (Prevent, Identify)

Roaches are disgusting little insects that are a big problem when making your vehicle their home. These bugs are synonymous ...
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borax for roaches

Borax for Roaches: 5 Easy Recipes to Kill Cockroaches (6 Things to Know)

Roach infestations can be stress-inducing, stomach-turning problems for homeowners. But not much is worse than getting a midnight glass of ...
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borax vs boric acid

Borax vs Boric Acid: (4 Differences) Insect Control Guide

Borax is often confused with boric acid. Until this morning, I was also confused. When I wrote this guide to ...
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How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs

How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs (3 Types) 8 Ways to Kill Large Roaches

Your home is your castle, your domain--the place where you can keep everything just as you want it. That’s precisely ...
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does peppermint oil repel roaches

Does Peppermint Oil Repel Roaches? How to Mix, Apply, Toxicity

When you spot a roach hanging around your house, you may want to turn and run for the hills. Though ...
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essential oils for cockroaches

11 Essential Oils for Cockroaches: Repelling Guide for Homeowners

Cockroaches are just one of the pests that you can bring home. They can hide inside dry goods you buy ...
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cockroach eggs

Cockroach Eggs: Homeowner Guide (16 Things: Size, Appearance, Hatch)

So you found what looks like cockroach eggs? In this post, you'll learn what roach eggs look like, including size, ...
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how fast is a cockroach

How Fast is a Cockroach? 2 Speeds, Compared to Other Insects

Just how fast is a cockroach? These little pests are just about everywhere and have existed for thousands of years ...
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can cockroaches survive a nuke

Can Cockroaches Survive a Nuke? 5 Factors

Have you ever asked yourself can cockroaches survive a nuclear blast? Ultimately, the answer lies somewhere between "no" and "it’s ...
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how long can a cockroach live without its head

How Long Can a Cockroach Live Without Its Head? 5 Things to Know

Did you know that a cockroach can live without its head? Even their head can survive without its body. And ...
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what temperature kills roaches

What Temperature Kills Roaches & Cockroach Eggs (Heat and Cold)

Cockroaches are hard to exterminate and will hide incredibly well when they infest your home. While roaches are the toughest ...
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where do roaches come from

Where Do Roaches Come From? 8 Ways They Enter Your House

Tired of chasing roaches around your house? Where do roaches come from? Here are 8 ways cockroaches access your home ...
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baby roach

Baby Roach Guide: 6 Cockroach Nymph Features, Comparison Photos

Did you just see a baby roach? They have a distinct appearance to mature cockroaches. In this post, you'll learn ...
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roach poop

Roach Poop Guide: Pictures, Identify, Compared, 6 Things to Know

Cockroaches are almost universally despised, and poop is one of the grossest substances you can discover in your house. If ...
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bugs that look like cockroaches

9 Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches: Beetles, Water Bugs, Termites Compared

The last thing you want to see when your turn on a light is scurrying bugs. Was that a cockroach ...
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types of cockroaches

4,600 Types of Cockroaches: Guide to Different Roach Compared

Learn about all the types of cockroaches. This complete guide covers every order and family of this very large group ...
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why do cockroaches exist

Why Do Cockroaches Exist? 10 Purposes Roaches Serve Today

Cockroaches are ancient insects. The cockroach taxonomy started about 275 million years ago in the Paleozoic era. Although they are ...
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6 legged insects

6 Legged Insects (ID Guide) 12 Examples, Photos

How many legs do insects have? Do all insects have 6 legs? Knowing how many legs is an important step ...
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what eats cockroaches

What Eats Cockroaches? (18 Predators) Spiders, Birds, Mammals, Frogs 

Cockroaches are industrious bugs that live longer than most insects. But they still have to watch for predators. What eats ...
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do people eat roaches

Do People Eat Roaches? Do You? 5 Methods of Preparation, Recipes

Eating insects is common in many places. They are typically high in protein and easy to find. While they might ...
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how long do cockroaches live

How Long Do Cockroaches Live? 4 Types Lifespan, Life Cycle

Roaches have one of the longest life cycles of any household pest. And they lay hundreds of eggs. How long ...
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how long can a cockroach live without food

How Long Can a Cockroach Live Without Food & Water? 5 Factors

Roaches are nearly invincible. But, how long can a cockroach live without food or water? With so many myths, we ...
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how to get roaches out of electronics

How to Get Roaches Out of Electronics: 7 Ways (Risks/Reasons)

It might be hard to believe that electronics like your television, gaming console, microwave, laptop, and more could be a ...
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i saw one cockroach should i be worried

I Saw One Cockroach, Should I Be Worried? 8 Ways: Get Rid of Roaches

Roaches are pesky, unsanitary, and tricky insects that have a way of creeping into our homes without notice. But once ...
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