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Bryan Haines

Bryan Haines is a co-founder and writer at The Buginator. And is working to make it the best resource for taking back the outdoors from biting, stinging pests.

He also blogs about travel at Storyteller.Travel and photography at Storyteller Tech. Bryan is a partner at Storyteller Media, a publishing company he runs with his wife, Dena.

Despite being highly vocal creatures, crickets are quite defenseless against most predators. Determining what eats crickets can help reduce their numbers. Common cricket predators include frogs, spiders, and lizards. Birds, salamanders, and bats also love to eat crickets. And humans in many countries eat crickets as good source of protein. Attracting cricket-eating animals is one …

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Insects are amazing tiny creatures and are often overlooked. Are insects animals or something else entirely? Insects are animals because they meet the taxonomic classification for the animal kingdom. These characteristics include: respire with oxygen, feed on organic material, motility, sexual reproduction, and are multicellular. There are more insects on Earth than all other animals …

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