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Are Camel Crickets Dangerous? Risks of Cave and Spider Crickets at Home

Camel crickets are small crickets found around the world. Their spider-like legs, humpback, and high jump can make them look quite imposing. Are camel crickets dangerous? Humans are safe but they can cause a lot of damage to your home.

are camel crickets dangerous

Are Camel Crickets Dangerous?

Before we get started, we need to clarify one detail. Camel crickets, spider crickets, cave crickets are all the same creatures. They are one family of crickets, known by many different names.

Learn more about camel crickets.

Do camel crickets bite?

Camel crickets lack the ability to bite humans.

Many people fear spider crickets because they look dangerous. These insects have long legs that come over their humpbacks and huge antennae that stick out from their heads. Are spider crickets dangerous is a question that many people ask when they see the bugs in their homes.

While the bugs look pretty scary, they aren’t harmful to humans.

Are spider crickets dangerous to your home?

The biggest reason to worry about the crickets you see in your home is that they can cause some serious damage.

These crickets are similar to goats because they will eat almost anything they find.

This is sometimes helpful because they consume spiders and other bugs living in your home. Camel spiders also eat fungus and plant matter that affects those with allergies.

The problem is that spider crickets will also use your home as a food source. There are many stories from people who skip the dryer and hang their clothing outside from a line. They left their clothing unattended and came back to find small holes and other damage as the crickets ate the clothing.

The same thing can happen if the crickets gain entry to your home. Not only can they eat clothing in your closets and the curtains on your windows, but they can also eat the linens on your bed.

are camel crickets poisonous
Camel cricket eating a wasp

What about camel cricket poop?

As you might expect, having spider crickets running around your house will lead to cricket poop on the floors, walls, and other surfaces.

Even if they didn’t eat your furniture, clothing, and plants, their poop is a sufficient reason to get rid of them from your home.

Do camel crickets eat insulation?

Camel crickets have been known to consume insulation.

Though one or two crickets probably won’t make a big impact on your insulation, they can live in large enough groups that they run out of food and turn to the insulation.

This can lead to a costly and frustrating renovation job later.

Where do the crickets living in your home?

Spider crickets look for places that are damp or humid. They often seek out attics and basements.

You may also find them living in your bathroom and kitchen as well as your living room and different bedrooms.

Camel crickets can also live outside. Make sure that you check any piles of wood close by and sheds where the humidity is high.

It’s helpful to look in your garage, too. If you find any of these crickets living outside, take care of them as soon as possible. Once they run out of food, they might come inside.

What is the best way to get rid of camel spiders?

There are various methods to get rid of camel spiders without using an exterminator.

One of the top methods is the use of a dehumidifier. As the crickets only live in damp areas, using a dehumidifier will create a space that doesn’t attract them. You can use one in your basement or laundry rooms.

You might also consider adding fans to circulate the air and further reduce humidity.

If you see the crickets living outside, seal all of the gaps in your home that act as entrances for them.

This includes the gaps around your windows and those under your doors. Both weatherstripping and caulk work equally well. You should also remove any weeds or mulch around your house and create a barrier of at least two feet between those items and your home.

Camel crickets often hide in those areas. Removing the places where they live can keep them from entering your house.

Here are some live and lethal cricket traps to get rid of crickets in your home.

are spider crickets dangerous

Looking up are spider crickets dangerous will help you feel better about seeing these bugs in your home because you’ll find that they usually aren’t dangerous to humans.

As camel spiders can damage fabrics and linens in your home as well as your insulation, make sure you know how to get rid of them and keep your home safe.