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Monarch Guide: Life Stages, Raising, Milkweed, Parasites

We are happy to announce that we acquired My Monarch Guide in August 2022. Read the full release.

monarch guide

Guide to Monarch Butterflies

In this guide, we’ll cover monarch life stages, milkweed (and milkweed bugs), parasites, tachinid flies, monarch butterfly supplies, and how to raise monarch caterpillars.

Here are key differences between monarch eggs vs ladybug eggs.


My Monarch Guide is Now Part of The Buginator

Since 2008, My Monarch Guide has been a great resource for learning about monarch butterflies. And now My Monarch Guide ...
what eats milkweed

What Eats Milkweed? 45 Pests & Pollinators (Butterflies, Bees, Deer)

Milkweed is probably best known as the sole host plant for monarch butterflies. But milkweed is also on the menu ...
monarch butterfly supplies

Monarch Butterfly Supplies: 14 Basic Tools for Raising Monarchs at Home

To raise monarch caterpillars at home, you'll need a few supplies. There are some great commercial options for rearing monarch ...
monarch parasite

OE Monarch Parasite Spore: Guide to Ophryocystis Elektroscirrha Bacteria

If you've been learning about raising monarchs, you've probably heard of the monarch parasite: OE spores. In this article, you'll ...
tachinid fly

Tachinid Fly vs Monarch: 9 Things to Know (Eggs, Larvae)

The tachinid fly is one of many beneficial insect predators in your garden. But they are also harmful to monarchs ...
milkweed leaf problems

Milkweed Leaf Problems: 11 Common Pests, Diseases (Butterfly Garden)

As you plant and cultivate milkweed, you'll find that there are some common problems. A healthy supply of milkweed leaves ...
raising monarch caterpillars

Raising Monarch Caterpillars to Butterflies: 17 Things to Know

If you discovered a tiny cream-white egg on a milkweed leaf, then you have probably found a monarch butterfly egg ...
milkweed bugs

Guide to Milkweed Bugs (2 Types) Good/Bad? Facts & Photos

What are those bugs in your milkweed garden? Are milkweed bugs 'good' or 'bad' bugs? Why are they only on ...
monarch caterpillar instars

Monarch Life Cycle: 4 Stages / 5 Instars (Photos + Video)

How long does the metamorphosis from monarch egg to adult butterfly take? In this guide, you'll learn about the four ...
monarch eggs vs ladybug eggs

Monarch Eggs vs Ladybug Eggs: Photos (Larva, Risks, Milkweed)

Ladybug larva has often been confused as a harmful pest, especially when spotted on a milkweed plant. Sometimes the furry ...
Why is My Caterpillar Rolling Around

Why is My Caterpillar Rolling Around? Or Not Moving? [Easy Answer]

My caterpillar hasn't been moving. What's wrong? Is it dead? Should I move it to another leaf? Put something else ...
monarch guide

This guide is a work in progress. Watch for many new articles and guides in the coming weeks.